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Project Overview

This project aimed to create a magazine in collaboration with a journalism group that showcased high-quality content. The magazine aimed to provide readers with insightful and engaging articles on various topics, from news and current events to human interest stories and lifestyle features.

To achieve this objective, we assembled a team of writers, and editors, to work collaboratively on the magazine. We developed a strong editorial vision and worked closely with the journalism group to identify the most compelling stories to include. I took on the responsibility of designing the layout of the magazine.

Throughout the project, we focused on creating a high-quality publication that would resonate with our target audience. We paid careful attention to every aspect of the magazine, from the layout and design to the tone and style of the articles.

The resulting magazine was a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. It featured a range of compelling and thought-provoking articles and was well-received by our teachers. Overall, this project was a great success and demonstrated our team’s ability to collaborate effectively and produce high-quality work.

You can see the full magazine clicking here

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