Objective: Create a magazine ad for the Spark vehicle.

The ad was created with the intention of drawing the consumer’s attention. The goal is to make the reader “play” with the advertising piece. Using the self-adhesive note, the curiosity of the reader is aroused, drawing your attention and you can present the product and its characteristics (an option without the adhesive note was also created). As for the elements that make up the piece, some references have been made to draw more attention from the target audience, since the goal is to attract buyers between the ages of 30 and 40, who are more accustomed to some expressions that go unnoticed by the younger ones.

WHITE ELEPHANT: The cars parked between the Spark by white elephants were replaced. This expression is used to indicate an object that has high maintenance and does not bring the desired (or promised) satisfaction, as well as being an object of great magnitude (in this case, based on the advertisement).

“IDEAL FOR THIS CONCRETE JUNGLE”: The term “Selva de Pedra” (Concrete Jungle) is used to name large cities and, in the case of the advertisement, shows that the car is ideal for large cities.

My team and I tried to add as many qualities as possible to the advertisement, but without getting repetitive or tiring. It has been shown that the Spark is a compact, affordable and urban car. In order to inform the possible consumer that Spark has won a prize because of the low fuel consumption, which is very interesting for the target public (Class B), for those who drive a lot inside the city and for those who are worried about the values ​​of the fuels (price that directly reaches the consumer’s pocket).

Mockup Magazine Ad Spark

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