Chevrolet Spark

Objective: Create a magazine ad for the Spark vehicle.

The ad was created with the intention of drawing the consumer’s attention. The goal is to make the reader “play” with the advertising piece. Using the self-adhesive note, the curiosity of the reader is aroused, drawing your attention and you can present the product and its characteristics (an option without the adhesive note was also created). As for the elements that make up the piece, some references have been made to draw more attention from the target audience, since the goal is to attract buyers between the ages of 30 and 40, who are more accustomed to some expressions that go unnoticed by the younger ones.

WHITE ELEPHANT: The cars parked between the Spark by white elephants were replaced. This expression is used to indicate an object that has high maintenance and does not bring the desired (or promised) satisfaction, as well as being an object of great magnitude (in this case, based on the advertisement).

“IDEAL FOR THIS STONE JUNGLE”: The term Selva de Pedra is used to name large cities and, in the case of the advertisement, shows that the car is ideal for large cities.

We try to add as many qualities as possible to the advertisement, but without getting repetitive or tiring. It has been shown that the Spark is a compact, affordable and urban car. In order to inform the possible consumer that Spark has won a prize because of the low fuel consumption, which is very interesting for the target public (Class B), for those who drive a lot inside the city and for those who are worried about the values ​​of the fuels (price that directly reaches the consumer’s pocket).

Fair of products and services for seniors

Objective: To create a product or service that is specific for the elderly.

The service created is called Safe Old Age Insurance, which is a line of insurance specific to the elderly and, like some other insurance of Porto Seguro, offer aggregate services, specific to the consumer, for their safety, comfort and leisure.

The purpose of the service is that in addition to the policy offered, services that facilitate the lives of the elderly were included. All risk factors involving the safety of the elderly were analyzed. Some of the services, which are simple for younger people, are made with some difficulty for people over 60, such as climbing a ladder firmly to change a light bulb, or having mobility to nail the nails. One of the main difficulties encountered was working with services that were performed by outsourced professionals, who are located close to the region (branches) where the insured lives, always cherishing their safety and comfort, thus, the companies are previously registered and consulted, that there is no future problem for the insured. In addition, all professionals are duly uniformed (with identification of Porto Seguro) and all responsibility is the insurer.

Integrated Communication – 3rd Sector

Objective: To assist a third sector group (NGO’s) with a communication project.

The NGO Love and Life help people who have had or are being treated for cancer. They needed, by 10/16/2015, a banner to be placed in the entrance of the place where they would give the lecture and of leaflets to be distributed after the same one. Running against time, from the project presentation period until the day of the lecture, there was a little over a week, not counting the obstacles, since during the week of the lecture there was a holiday, and the material needed to be sent quickly to the graph. Even with the short term, and without losing the quality of the art, it was possible to deliver all the requested material.

Pamphlets were also made to be distributed at some events that would be promoted to raise money for the purchase of some supplies for the Christmas baskets, which are donated to patients treated by the NGO. The proposal was the same one made in the October Rosa Project: pamphlets that talk about the importance of cancer prevention, in this case, prostate cancer. The printing of the leaflets and the banner had no cost to the NGO.

Packaging design

Objective: To reformulate the cigarette packaging of a previously chosen brand.

The proposal is the placement of urban art in box packaging of cigarettes, either by design or graphite, thus performing a repositioning of the brand, with the young people and the “tribes” of large urban centers.

The goal is to smokers and even non-smokers buy the boxes, because of the packaging, and can adapt them for other uses (purses, door-clips, door-jewelry, etc.), thus contributing to the increase in sales of products.


Objective: To create pieces of external and printed media that maintain the concept of the Usiminas Visual Identity Manual.
Based on the idea of the brand: “Usiminas, in every detail a possible universe”, the various applications of steel (white line, vehicles, civil construction, etc.) were shown. To fix this idea, the slogan “You may not realize it, but we are present in every detail of your life”, so the public understands that Usiminas steel is present in almost everything, whether inside or outside the home.