Objective: To assist a third sector group (NGO’s) with a communication project.

The NGO Love and Life help people who have had or are being treated for cancer. They needed, by 10/16/2015, a banner to be placed in the entrance of the place where they would give the lecture and of leaflets to be distributed after the same one. Running against time, from the project presentation period until the day of the lecture, there was a little over a week, not counting the obstacles, since during the week of the lecture there was a holiday, and the material needed to be sent quickly to the graph. Even with the short term, and without losing the quality of the art, it was possible to deliver all the requested material.

Pamphlets were also made to be distributed at some events that would be promoted to raise money for the purchase of some supplies for the Christmas baskets, which are donated to patients treated by the NGO. The proposal was the same one made in the October Rosa Project: pamphlets that talk about the importance of cancer prevention, in this case, prostate cancer. The printing of the leaflets and the banner had no cost to the NGO.