Objective: To create a product or service that is specific for the elderly.

The service created is called Safe Old Age Insurance, which is a line of insurance specific to the elderly and, like some other insurance of Porto Seguro, offer aggregate services, specific to the consumer, for their safety, comfort and leisure.

The purpose of the service is that in addition to the policy offered, services that facilitate the lives of the elderly were included. All risk factors involving the safety of the elderly were analyzed. Some of the services, which are simple for younger people, are made with some difficulty for people over 60, such as climbing a ladder firmly to change a light bulb, or having mobility to nail the nails. One of the main difficulties encountered was working with services that were performed by outsourced professionals, who are located close to the region (branches) where the insured lives, always cherishing their safety and comfort, thus, the companies are previously registered and consulted, that there is no future problem for the insured. In addition, all professionals are duly uniformed (with identification of Porto Seguro) and all responsibility is the insurer.